Key People

CzechTrade is a Government Agency of the Czech Republic promoting the trading activities between the Czech Republic and foreign countries.

Its main objective is to facilitate the cooperation between Czech and foreign business entities. The agency is also an official partner for those looking for qualified Czech-based manufacturers and services providers.

CzechTrade Office in Mumbai was established in 2004 and the Bangalore office was established in 2016.

“AMSP CR was established in 2001 and is the main representative of the broadest  business segment in the Czech Republic. It covers small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), tradesmen, as well as corporations, guilds and associations representing the specific professional interests of small entrepreneurs.”

Mr Prakash C. S.

Managing Director, Pushpak Products +91 80 2838 2031

Mr. Ivan Kameník

Director, Czech-Trade +91 80 2838 2031

Mrs. Eva Svobodová

CEO, AMSP CR +91 80 2838 2031